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Achingly beautiful melody and harmony. John Eliot Gardiner literally has a lifetime of intimate familiarity with J. Bach divides the motet into four clear sections. Bach: Motets (complete). Bach&39;s motets, most of them composed during the 1730s, are among his finest vocal works. Click on Part Below to Purchase MP3s. In the second half of the 19th century the Bach-Gesellschaft (BG) published all of Bach&39;s works in around 50 volumes, the so-called Bach Gesellschaft Ausgabe (BGA). Bach&39;s motets are his only vocal works that kept repertoire without interruption between his death in 1750 and Bach: Motets the 19th-century Bach Revival.

The Bach weekend will focus on two wonderful but demanding Bach motets, providing a significant but rewarding challenge for those who take part. That Bach&39;s motets are not his most popular sacred choral works is easily explainable. They are arguably the most intricate and fascinating choral pieces ever written, and among the most difficult to perform. Whether they are festive in nature or intended for funeral services, these six pieces for small choir are striking in their musical variety, as well as in the perfect fusion of the words and music. It is named after the Lutheran hymn " Jesu, meine Freude ", of which it contains, in its uneven movements, all six stanzas of Johann Franck &39;s poetry and various versions of Johann Crüger &39;s hymn tune.

In 1843, Mendelssohn was appointed choirmaster at the Berlin Cathedral. de Organisatie Oude Muziek29 januari 20. The first is vigorous, and clearly focuses on the world “singet”, stating it more than 50 times. Sommet absolu de l’art polyphonique, les motets de Bach exultent d’une allégresse qui pourrait surprendre lorsqu’on connait leur destination liturgique la plus fréquente : des services funèbres. Included on the disc are the six motets BWV 225-231, as well as BWV 118 O Jesu Christ, mein&39;s Lebens Licht and BWV Anh.

A single CD has the capacity to contain the set of six motets plus some other works. One of Bach&39;s greatest and most amazing works is hidden in this collection: this the motet "O Jesu Christ, meins Lebens Licht" BWV 118 (second version, dating from around 1747, written in the last years of Bach&39;s life). Bach&39;s motets are his only vocal works that kept repertoire without interruption between his death in 1750 and the 19th-century Bach Revival.

Bach’s six motets are among the greatest achievements of choral polyphony in the baroque period. Motet BWV 225 Singet dem Herrn ein neues Lied English Translation in Interlinear Format Motet BWV 225 - Sing to the Lord a new song. Bach JS: Cantata B. 1723) is a typical and splendid example, return to the a cappella manner of performance.

The absolute summit of polyphonic art, Bach’s motets exult with a joy that may be found surprising when one knows their most frequent liturgical use: at funeral ceremonies. When asked to choose between the Passions&39; spiritual drama, the Mass&39; magnificent architecture, the cantatas&39; infinite diversity, or the motets&39; inward piety, most listeners will more likely choose any of the former before the latter. For Immediate Download. À l’invitation du Motet BWV 225, Raphaël Pichon et son équipe nous entraînent dans cette interprétation jubilatoire, véritable hymne à la danse habilement mis en regard de la grande. Choir, Sovadina organ. Bach motets have often been recorded as a set (typically comprising the six motets catalogued as BWV.

160: Jauchzet Dem Herrn, Alle Welt. 2LP Box, 20pgs program booklet. This offered a unique identification of all of Bach&39;s known works, a system that was quickly adopted, for instance by the biographers: Philipp Spitta used it complementarily to the Peters edition numbering for the BG volumes that. Johann Sebastian Bach. This recording is a must-have for any complete collection of Bach choral music. Steve Schwartz wrote (J): Johann Sebastian Bach The Six Motets * Singet dem Herrn ein neues Lied * Der Geist hilft unser Schwachheit auf * Komm, Jesu, komm * Jesu, meine Freude * Fuerchte dich nicht, ich bin bei dir * Lobet dem Herren, alle Heiden Bachchor Stockholm Concentus musicus Wien/Nikolaus Harnoncourt. Bach’s six authenticated motets are perfectly crafted, audacious, and mesmerizingly inventive, fully conveying the emotional and theological import of their text.

Through their extraordinary complexity and density, they require exceptional virtuosity and sensitivity of all the performers. He also wrote a mass, heard in 1861, and a quantity of motets, organ pieces and other works of a religious character. Bach&39;s six motets without independent instrumental accompaniment; he reports that as a boy chorister of 11 or 12 he knew the treble lines to all of them. For a few more motets, such as Ich lasse dich nicht, BWV Anh 159, Bach&39;s authorship is debated. The motet Sei Lob und Preis mit Ehren, BWV 231 is an arrangement of a movement from Bach&39;s Cantata 28, and the authenticity of the arrangement is not certain. The motet &39;Lobet den Herrn&39;, performed by the Netherlands Bach Society for All of Bach, was long regarded as one of the six canonic motets by Bach, but nowad. Bach&39;s Vocal Work. This early recording by The Sixteen and Harry Christophers is a jewel in Hyperion’s catalogue, containing performances of utter joy, rendered in sonic splendour.

Veselka, Czech Phil. They also demand extraordinary virtuosity from the singers, a requirement fully met in this new recording. 159: Ich Lasse Dich Nicht, Du Segnest Bach: Motets Mich Denn: J.

However, other motets are attributed to Bach and there is some doubt about the authorship of Lobet den Herrn, alle Heiden, BWV 230, one of the BWV "six". SUPRAPHON SUAST-50821+. Camerata is aimed at a chamber choir of expert, ambitious and high achieving singers and runs over a weekend in a number of attractive locations. The Motets can be seen as some of Bach&39;s most perfect and hypnotic compositions. Bach: Motet BWV 225 &39;Singet dem Herrn&39;Vocalconsort Berlin o.

For many years Franck led a retired life, devoting himself to teaching and to his duties as organist, first at Saint-Jean-Saint-François, then at Ste Clotilde, where he acquired a great reputation as an improviser. Contrary to one popular conception, this often included instrumental doubling of the voice parts and the use of an Bach: Motets organ continuo, an improvised part. See more videos for Bach: Motets. "BACH MOTETS ARE AMONG HIS MOST PERFECT WORKS AND CONSTITUTE ONE OF THE SUMMITS OF WESTERN POLYPHONY". Thirty years after his first recording of Bach’s motets, conductor and scholar Philippe Herreweghe has decided to re-record these wonderful works. On this recording, Raphaël Pichon and his ensemble.

Bach&39;s six motets need no introduction. Voicing andtexture are just two facets of style that are effectively exploited in the motets of bothcomposers. Bach’s motets, of which Jesu meine Freude (Jesus My Joy; c. Bach Lobet den Herrn, alle Heiden, BWV. 159 Ich lasse dich nicht.

Layers upon layers of complex polyphony and counterpoint. They feature a meticulous attention to the musical expression of the word, employing a tremendous variety of tone-colors, textures and effects. Other Motets: BWV: Title (German) Composer: Year: Anh. 00:00 - Lobet den Herrn BWV 23006:18 - Komm, Jesu, komm BWV 22915:17 - Der Geist hilft unsrer Schwachheit auf BWV 22622:37 - Jesu, meine Freude BWV 227 23:. More Bach: Motets images. Motets (BWV 118 &Dover Edition) MP3 Sales are Back. Jesu, meine Freude (Jesus, my joy), BWV 227, is a motet in eleven movements for SSATB choir which was composed by Johann Sebastian Bach.

Daniel ReussOpgenomen tijdens de BachDag i. The recording of the motets took place in Bach Collegium Japan&39;s usual venue, the Kobe Shoin Chapel, and during it a short film was made. The multiple repetitions of this word, the energetic rhythms, and the use of the two choirs independent of each other create the feeling of singing echoing throughout the world in praise of the Lord. Motets, BWVBach, Johann Sebastian) BWV 225 — Singet dem Herrn ein neues Lied; BWV 226 — Der Geist hilft unsrer Schwachheit auf;. Bach: The Motets — Bernius, Christophers 1989, Gardiner 1980 &, Harnoncourt 1980, Herreweghe 1985, Junghänel 1995, Katschner.

Translation of J. It could be argued that Bach&39;s own motets provided Mendelssohn with important compositional models. Maestro Rilling works his magic yet again with these Bach Motets.

Bach: Motets

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