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He regurgitated the blade and the tomato in two halves. Superstraight Lyrics: 8. Happiness Lyrics: 6. Something regurgitated has typically been taken in, at least partially digested, and then spit back out. The key successfully unlocked the lock. As their name suggests, Regurgitator&39;s stock in trade is reinventing music, drawing on a vast range of influences and wittily putting the pieces back together in an avalanche of sounds and songs, more pop than Regurgitator the Beastie Boys, less obscure than Primus. This rare is located in Icecrown during shadowlands pre patch event.

Its core members are Quan Yeomans (guitar) and Ben Ely (bass), who both perform vocals. Regurgitator, Soundtrack: Swimfan. See more results. In his act, he swallows various items, such as coins, lightbulbs, balloons, nails, billiard balls, dry sugar, lighter fluid and goldfish, and then regurgitates them. Simon Cowellbuzzed the act. Not only can he swallow large objects - but he returns them - in order! He was the season&39;s winner.

Howard Stern, Heidi, and Howie Mandel all gave the act standing ovations. The Regurgitator is a recurring antagonist from the TV series Phineas and Ferb, first appearing as the main antagonist in the episode "Oh, There You Are Perry" before making a cameo appearance in the episode "Rollercoaster: The Musical! The Regurgitator swallowed a small canister, a goldfish, and the canister&39;s lid separately. Regurgitator are an Australian rock band from Brisbane, Queensland, formed in late 1993 by Quan Yeomans on lead vocals, guitar and keyboards; Ben Ely on bass guitar, keyboards and vocals; and Martin Lee on drums. Half punk (Ben Ely) and half geek (Quan Yeomans), Regurgitator were one of Australia&39;s more eclectic alt-rock bands of the ‘90s.

Stevie Starr&39;s audition in Episode 1002 consisted of swallowing four numbered coins. He finally swallowed a clip and regurgitated the coin stuck in the clip. I Sucked a Lot of Cock to Get Where I Am Lyrics: 7. The group&39;s songs strive to tackle the big issues -- domestic violence, gangsta rap, global economics -- but instead of offering insight or even wit, they crumble into cliches and crude posturing; "G7 Dick Does the Electro. How successful is Regurgitator? 19,280 likes · 2,255 talking about this. Stevie&39;s performance was strong enough for the judges to send him to the Quarterfinals.

The Regurgitator is a minor supervillain who appears in the animated TV series Phineas and Ferb. It attacks by either swinging its massive arms at nearby players or spitting acidic bile and Puke Worms, hence the name Regurgitator. Modern Life Lyrics: 3. Regurgitator was an appropriate moniker to describe the assembled mass of styles, sounds and attitudes, fueled as much by an unmitigated irony and geekish nature as an irreverent take on themselves, corporatisation of culture and human social behaviour. He then exhaled half of the smoke into a large bubble. He then "regurgitated" them on demand, first a single coin and then two coins at once.

The Professional Regurgitator&39;s Week 3 Quarterfinals performance in Episode 1016 consisted of swallowing Heidi Klum&39;s ring, a lock, and its key. Love and Paranoia? Stephen Wright (born 13 December 1962), known by his stage name Stevie Starr, is a Scottish performance artist who focuses on professional regurgitation. Regurgitator is an Australian rock band from Brisbane that consists of Quan Yeomans, Ben Ely, and Peter Kostic. · The "Regurgitator" performance on Britain&39;s Got Talent has horrified and fascinated the nation. Quan Yeomans - guitar, vocals, sounds Ben Ely. Because he "had trouble" regurgitating the key, he swallowed a pool ball, and then pushed up the key and ball.

He was voiced by Clancy Brown, who also had voiced many other villains and had previously voiced another Phineas and Ferb villain, the Smile Away Reformatory. either literally or figuratively. He then swallowed and regurgitated a raw egg. Martin Lee played drums until departing in 1999 after t and the subsequent tour. It is a direct upgrade to the Flesh Hand, although it deals magic damage rather than summon. What does Regurgitator mean?

Regurgitator was originally a 3-piece indie rock band with Quan Yeomans (guitar and vocals), Ben Ely (bass and vocals) and Martin Lee (drums). While their hulking forms can deliver a surprisingly sound blow, it is their ability to devour, rapidly digest and then vomit forth the corpse as a poisonous gobbet that gives them their name. Regurgitator&39;s Tu-Plang.

Howard Stern, Heidi Klum, and Howie Mandelgave the act standing ovations. From Brisbane now everywhere. The band formed in 1993, its original line-up consisting of Yeomans, Ely and drummer Martin Lee. But how does Stevie Starr do it? (The Song Formerly Known As) Lyrics. Is Regurgitator attempted at home?

Stevie did not receive enough votes to advance to the night&39;s Top 3, eliminating him from the competition. · Wretched in appearance and manner, these grotesque abominations are created from the bile and flesh of the tortured damned. Regurgitator are an Australian alternative rock band from Brisbane, Queensland. He then regurgitated a canister with the goldfish inside it. I Wanna Be a Nudist Lyrics: 10. There’s a very regional sense of humour at work as the pair taunt the music biz and joke about the dangers of video games and the joys of plastic women.

The music combines industrial sounds, funk, hi. For the finale in Episode 1023, The Professional Regurgitator performed with Penn & Teller. He then swallowed flammable gas, and had Nick Cannon light a lighter, in which he created a big explosion by blowing the gas which was put in a bubble at the lighter. See full list on agt. The Regurgitator is a boss zombie found first on early levels, and is the weakest major boss. Stevie Starr&39;s Judge Cuts performance in Episode 1011 consisted of swallowing a plum tomato and a large blade.

The Professional Regurgitator&39;s Week 2 Semifinals performance in Episode 1020 consisted of swallowing smoke from two cups, swallowing liquid soap, and water to blow bubbles. Stevie Starr competed for the third time on Das Supertalent (Germany&39;s Got Talent) in. Their debut studio album, Tu-Plang. More Regurgitator images.

. The band has had two drummers - Martin Leeand Pete Kostic (1999-present). In the same year, he also auditioned for Croatia&39;s Got Talent, where he is currently in the Finals.

Regurgitator was an appropriate moniker to describe the assembled mass of styles, sounds & attitudes, fueled as much by an unmitigated irony and geek nature as an irreverent take on themselves, corporate culture and human social behaviour. Its best modifier is Mythical. " He has since brought his talent to numerous television shows around the world including "Britain&39;s Got Talent," on which he progressed to the Semifinal, and "La France a un incroyable talent", where he placed 4th overall. fresh tabs top tabs lessons submit videos subscribe share tweet. It makes for gruesome, stomach-churning, compulsive viewing - and it definitely should not be tried at home.

The Regurgitator was a villain and serves as minor antagonist that was set at high priority at the O. Stevie&39;s performance in Episode TC04 consisted of regurgitating an unscrewed bolt and screw that he screwed while inside him and a cherry tomato and small blade that he sliced while inside him. He then swallowed a light bulb, regurgitated the last coin, and then released the light bulb. Stream ad-free or purchase CD&39;s and MP3s now on Amazon. 1 Origin 2 Biography 3 Personality 4 Skills and Abilities 5 Paraphernalia No origin is given for the Regurgitator. Hullabaloo Lyrics: 9. Stevie Starr competed on Romania&39;s Got Talentin.

He then asked Heidi to pick a number to bring up, and she chose 4. The three had purportedly met on a bus in inner Brisbane. Regurgitator are one of the most creative bands out there and deserve more worldwide recognition. They put on the most INTENSE live shows and they experiment with their music which always ends up with pleasing results. The Professional Regurgitator&39;s Finals performance in Episode 1022 consisted of swallowing 5 push pins and a strong magnet. Formed in Brisbane, Australia in 1993, Regurgitator began as an Alternative Rock band, but later expanded their sound to include elements of Electronic and Hip Hop.

(The Song Formerly Known As). 47-year-old Stevie Starr AKA The Regurgitator has a unique and disgusting talent. Stevie Starr returned for The Champions. The change is an interesting one. The Regurgitator was revealed to have reached the Top 5 instead of Uzeyer Novruzov.

But some performers were known to use substances to induce violent stomach spasms while retaining firm lip control. It makes Regurgitator more commercial-sounding, but also. Dirty Pop Fantasy. Eduardo Regurgitator and Rodriguez Wage War on T-Wrecks. He then brought up the 4 pins on the magnet and then the proceding one left over. Regurgitator, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

Regurgitator are an Australian rock band Regurgitator from Brisbane, formed in late 1993 by Quan Yeomans on lead vocals, guitar and keyboards; Ben Ely on bass guitar, keyboards and vocals; and Martin Lee on drums. More Regurgitator videos. On their second album, Regurgitator changed their musical direction completely, going from the guitar-based alternative rock found on Tu-Plang to Regurgitator the &39;80s-style synthesizer pop found here on Unit. Also competing on that season was Season 9 act JD Anderson. Kong Foo Sing Lyrics: 11. Ben Ely, Quan Yeomans & Martin Lee started a side project to the bands they had going at the time - Pangaea, Zooerastia, Brazilia respectively. He is voiced by Clancy Brown.

/way 34,4, 68,5 Patchwerk CAVE ENTRANCE. He soon swallowed powdered sugar, drank a glass of water and gurgled it in his mouth, and finally regurgitated the still dry sugar onto a plate Nick Cannon was holding. Regurgitator - The Best Of Jingles Album Lyrics; 1. Formed in March 1994. Is the regurgitator a villain? Check out Regurgitator on Amazon Music. 3,660 Followers, 182 Following, 94 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Regurgitator Australia’s REGURGITATOR started in 1994 and quickly established themselves as an articulate and witty purveyor of the national music scene – assembling a mishmash of funk, punk, electronics and a. This debut album is essential for any alternative music listener.

Their debut studio album, Tu-Plang was released in May 1996; it was followed by Unit in November 1997 which was certified. The Regurgitator was revealed to have finished the competition in 4th place in front of The CraigLewis Band, but behind Paul Zerdin, Drew Lynch, and Oz Pearlman. Howard Stern, Heidi Klum, Mel B, and Howie Mandelall voted "Yes," sending Stevie to the Judge Cuts Round. . Britain&39;s Got Talent: The act featured in this clip is extremely dangerous.


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